Version 2.0

Match play times are now based on your browsers language settings. You can now click on a match to expand it and get info on chosen maps and livescores. Under expanded matches you can see the best available betting odds for the match, aswell as the livestreams to watch the match on. We have improved the algorithm to be faster better and more selfimproving. The system will now have even higher success rate on match tips and will keep getting better for every new match.


Removal of temporary emails

To prevent the chance of cheating in competitions and to get free tips we have removed these.


PayPal payment method added

We have finally added another payment method to the site, you can now pay your subscription with PayPal.


Version 1.0

Tipster is up and running at version 1.0 with match tips based on statistics in three different categories.

Roadmap - If you have any suggestions please let us know in the live chat

Betting strategies

We will make an overview of the best betting strategies that works with our system. We will set up a test for each strategy showing starting bankroll and current bankroll based of all the tips we have made how much the odds were at and the amount we put on the match.

Dashboard for streamers

The streamer dashboard will show how many users has been referred, how many is paying and how much they are earning monthly.

Filter on events and online/LAN

You will be able to filter matches on events and if the match is played online or at a LAN

More languages

As we now have users from all around the world, we will translate the site in the languages for the countries that Tipster is most used in.

Bet against the system

You will be able to come up with your own bets for the matches and for each week we will reward all the users that has more correct tips than we do with a free month membership.